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Foreign Minister Julie Bishop n Australia dont want China to set the agenda for Asian border Debate( Photo:

China sets conditions for talks on Asia-Pacific

6. august 2017

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MANILA, Philippines (AP) — China’s top diplomat said Sunday that talks for a nonaggression pact aimed at preventing clashes from erupting in the disputed South China Sea may start this year if «outside parties» don’t… Les mer ›

Foreign Minister Wang lee meets Turkish Melvin Cavusoglu(Photo: Ap)

Turkey and China pledge security cooperation

3. august 2017

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BEIJING (AP) — Turkey has vowed to root out militants plotting against China as the two countries pledged to collaborate on a security issue that had been a source of friction. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut… Les mer ›

Lawyer Mark Katowitz photographed by Getty

Trump’s lawyers try to control White House

18. juli 2017

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Donald Trump’s legal team is trying to instill discipline on a West Wing not known for its discipline. The lawyers, people familiar with the internal discussions say, are reminding White House aides and the president… Les mer ›

Kansler Angela Merkel og president Donald Trump i samtale på G-20 møtet i Hamburg( Foto: Reuters/J. Ernst)

Parisavtalen lever videre uten Trump

7. juli 2017

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USAs president Trump mot «røkla» i klimasaken, endte med at USA fikk sitt eget avsnitt i slutterklæringen fra G-20-møtet. Tidligere pressesekretær for Hillary Clinton, Brian Fallon, sier at president Donald J. Trump og USA ga… Les mer ›

G-20 summit in Hamburg (Photo: Associated Press)

Trump was on the fringes at G-20 summit

7. juli 2017

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HAMBURG, Germany (AP) — President Donald Trump was on the fringes at the Group of 20 summit — in the leaders’ group photo, that is. Trump’s position as an outlier was merely a matter of… Les mer ›

Theresa er hos Dronning Elisabeth på Buckingham Palace torsdag(Foto: Wikipedia)

Konservative danner mindretallsregjering

9. juni 2017

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Etter valget i Storbritannia er det mye som er usikkert. De konservative mistet sitt flertalli underhuset  etter at statsminister Theresa May skrev ut nyvalg for å gjøredet konservative  partiet sterkere. En uke før Brexit-forhandlingene starter… Les mer ›

Conservative had 42 per cent in yhe last Polls before the british election

Conservatives in front in the latest Polls

8. juni 2017

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LONDON (AP) — Polling stations across Britain opened for national elections amid heightened security Thursday as one senior police official said the country was living through «unprecedented times» following a series of terror attacks in… Les mer ›

James Comey was fired as director of FBI( Photo: FBI)

Comey put uncomfortable light on Trump

5. juni 2017

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  WASHINGTON (AP) — In a hugely anticipated hearing, fired FBI director James Comey will recount a series of conversations with President Donald Trump that he says made him deeply uneasy and concerned about the… Les mer ›