LONDON (AP) — The Latest on political turmoil in Britain was a victory for Theresa May. British Prime Minister Theresa May won a confidence vote by Conservative Party lawmakers that could have brought her leadership to an abrupt end, reports Associated Press.

Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May leaves 10 Downing Street to attend the weekly Prime Ministers’ Questions session, at parliament in London, Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2018. May has confirmed there will be a vote of confidence in her leadership of the Conservative Party, in Parliament Wednesday evening, with the result expected to be announced soon after. In secret ballot on Wednesday, 200 lawmakers backed May and 117 voted against her. The result means May can keep her positions as party leader and prime minister while continuing an uphill battle to win parliamentary approval for her Brexit plan.

Proposed Divorce Deal

Her victory means fellow Conservatives cannot challenge her for another year. May could still face a challenge in Parliament if the opposition Labour Party seeks a confidence vote in the House of Commons over the EU divorce plan. She plans to lobby European Union leaders for changes to the proposed divorce deal, which is unpopular with many lawmakers. British Prime Minister Theresa May says a change of national leader would result in Britain’s departure from the European Union being delayed or stopped, as she vowed to fight to stay in power.

Will not step aside

May made the defiant statement outside Downing Street on Wednesday, arguing that stepping aside at a time of crisis would «put our country’s future at risk and create uncertainty when we can least afford it.» The U.K. leader is facing a no-confidence vote that will see her removed as party and government leader if she loses.U.K. leader Theresa May is vowing to fight a no-confidence vote «with everything I’ve got,» appealing to party colleagues to support her leadership. The announcement of the challenge to May’s leadership throws Britain’s already rocky path out of the European Union, which it is due to leave in March, into further chaos. Many Tory lawmakers have been growing angry with May over her handling of Brexit, and the challenge comes days after she postponed a vote to approve a divorce deal with the EU to avoid all but certain defeat.

Vote Wednesday

If she loses Wednesday’s vote, May must step down and there will be a contest to choose a new leader. She will remain leader, and prime minister, until the successor is picked. If she wins, she can’t be challenged again for a year. A British Conservative Party official says Prime Minister Theresa May will face a no-confidence vote from party lawmakers. Graham Brady says the threshold of 48 letters from lawmakers needed to trigger a leadership vote has been reached. Brady chairs the party committee that oversees leadership contests. Many lawmakers have been growing angry with May over her handling of Brexit. If she loses the vote of party legislators, taking place on Wednesday evening, May must step down. If she wins, she can’t be challenged again for a year, according to Associated Press.

Storbritanniens statsminister Theresa May på besøk i Oslo(Foto:

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