Cheves Hydropower Plant in Chile( Photo: Statkraft)
Cheves Hydropower Plant in Chile( Photo: Statkraft)

(Oslo/Lima, 15 September 2015) Today, Statkraft opens Cheves hydropower plant in Peru. The power plant is Statkraft’s ninth in the country, and increases the company’s renewable energy generation in Peru to 2,500 GWh per year.Statkraft has been present in Peru since 2003, first through its subsidiary SN Power and since June 2014 as Statkraft Peru. Together with the state-owned investment fund Norfund, Statkraft now owns and operates nine hydropower plants in the country, with a total capacity of 443 MW and an annual power production of about 2500 GWh,says Lars Magnus Günther, Senior advisor communication in Statkraft AS to Nordens Nyheter.

North of Lima

The new hydropower plant is located 130 kilometers north of the capitol Lima, on the Huaura river. The power station consists of two aggregates with a total installed capacity of 172 MW and exploits a gross head of 600 meters. The power plant is the first greenfield project developed and constructed by Statkraft alone in South-America. The Cheves hydropower plant started commercial operations in late August, and will have a annual generation of around 840 GWh based on water from the Andes. The electricity generated will be sold on a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with 8 local distribution companies.

Focus on South-America

-The opening of Cheves consolidates Statkraft’s position among the largest power producers in Peru. It also underlines our ambition to further strengthen our position as a leading international provider of pure energy. Our efforts in South-America play a very important role in this strategy, says EVP International Hydropower, Asbjørn Grundt. Statkraft’s investments in Peru are part of the company’s focus on South-America, including development, operation and maintenance of hydropower and wind power assets in Brazil, Chile and Peru. The business consists of ownership interests in 20 hydropower plants and two wind farms, an extensive power trading activity and more than 700 employees in the three countries.Statkraft is a leading company in hydropower internationally and Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy. The Group produces hydropower, wind power, gas-fired power and district heating and is a global player in energy market operations. Statkraft has 4200 employees in more than 20 countries, says Lars Magnus Günther, Senior advisor communication, Statkraft AS.

NBIM in South America

Norges Banks InvestmentManagement, the worlds largest investment fund, have invested 57 billion kroner in Latin-America, compared with 1400 billion kroner in North America. In Chile Norges bank have investments for 5,9 billion kroner. Statkraft is a hydro power enery company, ith the Kingdom of Norway as owner of the company. Statkraft and the Norwegian Banks investment Management, are orginized under varios departements in Norway. NBIM have invested 644 million kroner(0,69%) in Empresa Nacional de Electricidad SA, Chile, and 130 million kroner in EDP Energias do Brasil SA( ownership 1,08 %). Norges Banks largest investment in energy companies in South America is 2200 billion kroner invvested in Petroleo Brasilieiro( PetroBras), reports Norges Banks Investment Management.

Lars Magnus Günter is Senior advisor communication in Statkraft AS Photo: Statkraft AS)
Lars Magnus Günter is Senior advisor communication in Statkraft AS Photo: Statkraft AS)

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