CEO Nick Walker in Lundin Energy Norway got 19 licenses from the government.(Photo: Lundin Energy)

Lundin Energy AB announces that its wholly owned subsidiary Lundin Energy Norway AS
(together Lundin Energy), has been awarded a total of 19 exploration licence interests in the 2020
Awards in Predefined Areas (APA) licensing round, in Norway. The award includes 15 licences in the North Sea, two licences in the Norwegian Sea and two licences in the Southern Barents Sea, seven of the newly awarded licences will be operated by Lundin Energy Norway.

The awards from this licensing round continue to build on the Company’s seven core exploration areas and increases by 23 percent the number of licences held by the Company. Supporting the Company’s strategy to execute an exploration programme which targets a combination of high value, near field opportunities and high potential, frontier exploration.

Lundin Energy has grown from an oil and gas exploration company into an experienced Nordic energy developer and operator. The Company continue to explore new ideas, new concepts and new solutions to maintain our position as an industry leader in production efficiency,sustainability and decarbonisation. (You will find Lundin Energy under Nasdaq Stockholm: LUNE). For more information, please visit us at or download our App

The Board and I very much look forward to working with Nick in his new capacity as CEO with his expert knowledge, not only of our assets but the offshore oil and gas industry as a whole. He is the ideal leader to take the Company into the next, exciting phase of our organic growth story and retain our position as best in class.”

“Alex has played a major role in the success of the Company not just as CEO, but throughout his career here, and the wider Lundin Group, for almost 30 years. His contribution has been outstanding, both as a technical expert and explorer, and as a CEO and leader of the teams across all the jurisdictions in which we have operated. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours and look forward to continuing to work with him in his advisory role for the wider Lundin Group, says Ian Lundin chairman of the Lundin Energy Group.

No longer shareholder

Equinor ASA has this year divested its financial shareholding in Lundin Energy AB, comprising around 14 million shares and corresponding to it`s 4,88 % of the shares and votes, at a total sale of price of aproximately SEK 3,3 billion. After the divestment, EZquinor will no longer hold any shares in Lundin Energy AB

“This transaction follows our divestment of a 16 percent shareholding in Lundin in July 2019 and concludes what has been a successful investment for Equinor. We have created significant value and increased our direct exposure in the Johan Sverdrup field. Although we are now no longer a shareholder in Lundin, we continue to consider the company a strong partner on the Norwegian Continental Shelf,” says Lars Christian Bacher, CFO of Equinor ASA.

The licence interests for Lundin in this round are detailed below:

Licence Blocks, Working , Interest, (Percent), Area
1089* 1/5,6 50 North Sea
1087 2/2, 5 50 North Sea
1084* 3/7 60 North Sea
1090 7/1 30 North Sea
1091* 15/5,6,8 40 North Sea
1092* 15/6,9 50 North Sea
1097 15/3, 24/11, 12 30 North Sea
1095* 16/2, 25/11 50 North Sea
1094* 17/2,3,5,6,8, 18/7 60 North Sea
1045B1 25/4 15 North Sea
820SB1 25/8 40 North Sea
1099 25/3, 26/1, 30/12, 31/10 30 North Sea
1104 30/3 40 North Sea
1102* 30/3, 31/1,4,5 60 North Sea
1106 34/2,3,5,6 20 North Sea
1126 6609/5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12, 6610/2,4,5,6, 6611/4,5 30 Norwegian Sea
1129 6703/7,8,9,10,11,12, 6704/7,8,10,11 30 Norwegian Sea
229G1 7122/8,9 50 Southern Barents Sea
1131 7122/8,9,10,11,12, 7123/7,8,9 20 Southern Barents Sea

Johan Sverdrup-field with Lundin as minority owner( Foto: Johan Bratland)

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