Boris Johnson and David Cameron wer fighting about EU in the british Parliament( Photo: Ap)
Boris Johnson and David Cameron wer fighting about EU in the british Parliament( Photo: Ap)

Prime minister David Cameron makes series of pointed comments aimed at London mayor in statement to Commons on EU referendum. Cameron has delivered a strong putdown to Boris Johnson’s suggestion that he would campaign to leave the EU in the hope of subsequently negotiating a better deal with Brussels.The prime minister made a series of pointed comments aimed at Johnson as he gave a statement to the House of Commons on the EU referendum, writes The Guardian.

Reelection in June

Having set the date for 23 June, Cameron made clear he was not standing for reelection and would campaign for Britain to stay in the EU because that was what he believed was best for the country. He said the idea that there could be a second poll was “not on the ballot paper”. The PM was referring to Johnson’s proposal that the EU could start to negotiate properly if the UK voted to leave, paving the way for a second and final in/out poll. Cameron dismissed this approach, saying: “For a prime minister to ignore the express will of the British people to leave the EU would not just be wrong; it’d be undemocratic.”

Savages the Major

David Cameron treats Boris Johnson to the thrashing of his life, writes The Telegraph. An astonished Prime Minister savages the Mayor of London over his decision to campaign for Brexit. London Major boris Johnson maigt prefer a Norwegian solution for Grat Britain.David Cameron had come to the Commons to make a statement on the EU referendum. At least, that was his official purpose. His real purpose, quite nakedly, was to treat Boris Johnson to the thrashing of his life.Boris Johnson backs Brexit and a Norwegian Solution. Cameron’s attempt at demolishing Johnson’s arguments in the Commons marks an escalation of the rivalry and tensions between the two men, who are now on opposite sides of the EU referendum debate. After Cameron’s speech, Johnson stood up to ask the prime minister a brief question about how his deal returned any legal sovereignty to the UK. |Can I ask the prime minister to explain to the house and to the country in exactly what way this deal returns sovereignty over any field of law-making to these houses of parliament?”

Fight with class-mate

The prime minister responded at length saying it had brought back some welfare powers, and some immigration powers, as well as a permanent carve-out from ever-closer political union. Johnson was heard to mutter “rubbish” at the answer. Friends of the London mayor said later that he was not bothered by the prime minister’s remarks and had not noticed some of the jibes. One said: “C’est la vie. Boris was not remotely angry or bothered. He noticed the joke about the second vote. But he didn’t notice the joke about marriage or the election. The important thing is that the country hears the arguments from both sides. This kind of thing is irrelevant and does not help anyone. Nobody will win with this sort of stuff.” Replying to the prime minister’s statement, the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn M described the PM’s deal as “largely irrelevant”, saying it would have no impact on the case to remain in the EU. “The reality is that this entire negotiation has not been about the challenges facing our continent, neither has it been about the issues facing the people of Britain, indeed it’s been a theatrical sideshow about trying to appease, or failing to appease, half of the prime minister’s own Conservative party,” he said, according to the Guardian.

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