Lenmark Group is arrangig a meeting in October( Photo: Lenmark)

Heusenstamm (Germany) / Dubai (UAE), 27. September 2022 Visitors are invited to experience one of the world’s cutting-edge distributions in operation at the O-Mega Landmark DC in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. View the largest Dematic multishuttle system to date with over 1,200 shuttles, 94 lifts and almost 950,000 storage locations on up to 33 levels. Network with other professionals and meet with Dematic and Landmark experts.

-Together with the Landmark Group, Dematic invites the intralogistics industry to attend what is sure to be one of the highlights of any events calendar, “Customer Day” October 12 in Dubai, UAE.. There is much to impress when stepping inside the O-Mega Landmark DC, owned by one of the largest and most successful retail organizations in the Middle East and India. And in October, Dematic invites the industry
to experience first-hand the largest facility of its kind in the region. Together with Landmark, the warehouse automation and software provider offers its guests an opportunity to take a guided walk-through of the vast complex and experience the latest technologies in operation. Commissioned in 2021, the DC spreads across 265,000 square meters. It includes a 43-meter-high pallet warehouse with a silo design along with 36,000 storage locations for receiving goods. Additionally, attendees to the 1-day open house in Dubai will have an opportunity to view the facility’s Dematic Multishuttle® system, which handles faster moving goods with a patented Inter-Aisle Transfer feature. With several lifts per aisle, and conductor rail-controlled shuttles for high performance acceleration and speed, a single shuttle can serve up to 800. storage locations and thus up to 15,000 totes per hour can be transported
to the picking stations.

Fastest multishuttle system

It is not only the largest multishuttle system to ever be installed by Dematic, but the fastest one as well. The facility also offers enormous capacities for hanging textiles: The Dematic garments on hangars (GOH) system can accommodate up to 2 million garments and can achieve high throughput rates of up to 250,000 items per day. The overall solution has more than 200 workstations with specific applications, including value-added services such as customizing goods for specific retailers by adding tags, branding or promotional offers. An 11- kilometre Dematic conveyor system for containers and pallets and a
Dematic sortation system completes the operation. “You might have been impressed by images of the O-Mega Landmark DC, but the opportunity to see it ‘live’ will take your views to a completely new level when it comes to what a cutting-edge DC can offer,” explains RainerSchmid, the regional director of Dematic for the Middle East region, “It is a facility like no other in the region and when you see all of the technology and software in operation under one roof, only then can you truly appreciate the innovation and scale of what the Landmark Group was aiming for when they contacted Dematic to make it happen.”

Mix of Descision Makers

Dematic anticipates a strong mix of decision-makers, warehouse managers, supply chain managers and industry press gathering for the October event. In addition to speaking with experts from both Landmark
and Dematic, attendees will also be able to network with industry peers and learn more about the benefits of automation technology for their specific industry.

Kontakt für Journalisten & Redaktionen:
Thomas Meyer-Jander
Dematic GmbH
Director EMEA, Head of Marketing
& Communications
63150 Heusenstamm
Tel: +49 69 58 30 25 126

Source for the artickle:Dematic Information Presse AG

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