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The results of the national poll in Ukraine according to Pressad:

How the country is fighting the pandemic and how much alcohol people are consuming during the lockdown. Are Ukrainians afraid of new Putin aggression? Do they want to emigrate?

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  • 57% of Ukrainians fear that Putin will take over other territories of their country.
  • 50% of those aged 14–17 in the eastern regions would like to immigrate to another country.
  • Women (52%) and men (38%) held the Minister of Health, rather than the President, responsible for the results of the measures taken in fighting the pandemic.
  • 20% of Ukrainians have started drinking less alcohol, and 8% have given up drinking altogether since the pandemic. Only 6% of respondents admitted to drinking more alcohol over the past year.

Representative sample: 1,500 Ukrainians older than 18.

The survey was also conducted among 200 Ukrainian citizens aged 14–17.

Dates of the survey: 13–16 April 2021.

The maximum margin of error does not exceed 2.58%.

The survey was initiated by «Savik Shuster’s Freedom of Speech» TV show and the Open Mind Foundation,

The survey was conducted by the sociological platform Liberty Report:

The fact is that 57% of the Ukrainian adult population fears that Putin will take over other territories of their country. Among respondents aged 14–17, the percentage is slightly lower – 53%. Women are more likely to fear the seizure of new territories than men – 63% vs 50%.

In West Ukraine, 60% of all respondents fear military aggression from the Russian president, in Central Ukraine and the south; this number is 59%, while in the East it is 45%.

A quarter of Ukrainian citizens dream of living abroad

A nationwide survey showed that 23% of Ukrainian adults would like to change their country of residence. The most popular countries among respondents are the USA; Canada; EU countries in general; and Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic in particular.

The younger the respondents are, the more they want to emigrate from Ukraine. Among the generation 18–29 years of age, 30% of respondents stated such a desire, among those 30–44 years – 29%, and among those 45–59 years – 28%. Among respondents aged 60 and older, only 8% would like to leave the country permanently.

Approximately 35% of teenagers ages 14–17 would like to move to another country. Interestingly, in western Ukraine, where objectively more people leave for abroad to work or live permanently, only 20% of young people answered that they would like to change residence. In the central region, the figure is 32%, in the south – 41%, and in the east, it reaches 50%.

Ukrainians consider the fight against COVID-19 in the country a failure. Whose fault is it?

Only 3% of adult respondents consider the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in Ukraine a success.

Youth aged between 14–17 are more optimistic, with 9% citing the fight against coronavirus as a success.

Around 53% of Ukrainians say the fight against the pandemic is a failure. About 48% of women and 59% of men agree with this statement.

Many Ukrainians see the Minister of Health as responsible for the results of the measures taken against the coronavirus. This is the opinion of 46% of respondents. The Minister of Health is followed by the President of Ukraine as the second most responsible person in this regard – 23% and the third is the Prime Minister with 13% of votes.

One-fifth of Ukrainians started consuming less alcohol during the epidemic

Approximately 20% of Ukrainians told sociologists that they have started drinking less alcohol since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, 8% of those surveyed stopped drinking altogether, while 6% started drinking more. The COVID-19 pandemic did not impact the amount of alcohol consumed by 39% of those surveyed.

Most Ukrainians, 69%, gave up drinking or drank less because they ‘took better care of their health.’ Only 6% of those who gave up drinking or drank less alcohol admitted to not being able to afford it.

Among those who started drinking more or are drinking as much as before (45% in total), the most popular drinks are wine — 35%, beer — 26% and vodka — 16%. Additionally, 18% of «drinkers» prefer other alcoholic beverages, writes Pressad.

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