Donald Trump knocks out Marco Rubio( Photo: Wikipedia)

Donald Trump knocks out Marco Rubio( Photo: Wikipedia)

WEST PALM BEACH. Donald Trump scored victories in the Republican presidential primaries Tuesday, winning Florida, the biggest delegate prize of the night, and driving home-state Sen. Marco Rubio out of the race.John Kasich’s Ohio Win Slows Donald Trump’s Pace to Nomination Front-runner vows his candidacy would broaden reach of Republican Party, writes New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Sanders still hoping

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton won critical presidential primaries in the industrial Midwest and completed her sweep of the South on Tuesday, as she took full command of a contest that has been far more competitive than expected at the start. Rival Bernie Sanders was still hoping to win in Missouri, where the result was too close to call. Mrs. Clinton won in Ohio, Illinois, Florida and North Carolina. Hillary Clinton Wins Four States, Adding to Delegate Lead Democrat’s big night widens her advantage over rival Bernie Sanders

Rolled to victory

Donald Trump rolled to victory in the Republican presidential primaries in Florida, Illinois and North Carolina on Tuesday, driving Senator Marco Rubio from the race and amassing a formidable delegate advantage that will be exceedingly difficult for any rival to overcome.
But with a victory in Ohio, his home state, Gov. John Kasich denied Mr. Trump one of the night’s biggest prizes and made it harder for him to clinch the nomination outright before primary voting ends in June.

Tight race

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas finished second in Illinois and North Carolina and was locked in a tight race with Mr. Trump in Missouri, ensuring that he, too, would earn a share of delegates. Mr. Trump has faced mounting criticism from Republicans for the vitriolic tone of his candidacy, but he struck a defiant note Tuesday night, describing himself proudly as a candidate of the angry and disaffected. “There is great anger,” he said. “Believe me, there is great anger.”

Republicans opposed to Mr. Trump believe that Tuesday’s results may have increased their chances of denying him the nomination at the party’s convention in Cleveland. But they are left with a pair of deeply flawed alternatives: Mr. Cruz, who has the second-most delegates but is reviled by many party leaders, and Mr. Kasich, who has so far run the equivalent of a favorite-son campaign, winning only Ohio.

Mr. Kasich must now strain for a larger role in a Republican contest in which he has largely competed in obscurity. In his Tuesday night speech, he did not take on Mr. Trump by name, but said he would carry his own message of uplift “all the way to Cleveland, rites New York Times.

Marco Rubio is on his way out of the question as republican candidate( Photo: Wikipedia)

Marco Rubio is on his way out of the question as republican candidate( Photo: Wikipedia)

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