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German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends a plenary session of German parliament Bundestag in Berlin, Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2017. (Michael Kappeler/dpa via AP)

Political woes with international effect

21. november 2017

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BERLIN (AP) — The collapse of talks to form a new German government has weakened Chancellor Angela Merkel and left her country, an influential European economic powerhouse, facing months more political instability. What does the… Les mer ›

Union Jack and the EU-flag outside the European Delegation in London( Photo: Mayy Durham Archivo)

Business Leaders want to speed up Brexit talks

13. november 2017

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LONDON (AP) — Business leaders from both sides of the English Channel urged Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday to accelerate talks on Britain’s exit from the European Union as uncertainty about future trade relations… Les mer ›

Queen Elisabeth has placed money in taxfree heavens(Photo: Associated Pess)

Queen Elizabeth has investments in offshore heavens

6. november 2017

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LONDON (AP) — Newly leaked papers revealed Sunday that Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has invested some of her private money in offshore tax havens. According to documents obtained by the International Consortium of Journalists, the… Les mer ›

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy migt loose the election inn December( Photo: Goc Espagna.es)

New Catalan election in December

3. november 2017

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MADRID (AP) Former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont flew to Brussels this week after Spanish authorities removed him and his Cabinet from office for pushing the region’s secession. The Spanish government also called an early election… Les mer ›

Associated Press writes that a warning is sent to Trump.

With first charges a warning is sent to Trump

31. oktober 2017

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Special counsel Robert Mueller has sent a warning to individuals in President Donald Trump’s orbit: If they lie about contacts between the president’s campaign and Russians, they’ll end up on the wrong… Les mer ›

Catalonians don`t feel Spanish and want independence8Photo: Associated press)

Catalans: ‘I’ve never felt Spanish’

29. oktober 2017

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GIRONA, Spain (AP) — It’s a time for celebration in Girona, a city that maps and world governments say is in Spain, but many residents consider part of the independent republic of Catalonia. Amid the… Les mer ›